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The Head Office at New York deals with Boston Dock work, accounts and vehicle maintenance. The company has two operation centres at Boston Dock and Hull Dock where all the vehicle loading takes place.

We take over cargo once the stevedores have landed it in the transit sheds. Our services range from pure road haulage to computerised stock control, customer liaison, handling, storage (forklifts up to 28 tonne capacity) - i.e. a total transport package for cargo from quayside to delivered destination.

2004 sees the installation of a brand new office facility at Hull Dock to manage all the vehicle return loads as well as distribution of the import cargoes.

Office Facility at Hull Dock

Curtain-Sided Trailer at Hull Dock

Due to the varied nature of the operations we undertake, it is essential that the correct vehicle and trailer is sent to the right place for a particular load, i.e. curtain-sided trailers to Hull for loading sawn timber ...

... containerised deliveries from Boston Dock.

Containerised Delivery from Boston Dock

All of this has to be "dove tailed" in with our return loads and company policy is that everything at all times must be to the satisfaction of the customer: "Better to be one hour early than one minute late".



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